Friday, July 30, 2010

Couple new tapes and LPs in, most notably two new Pete Swanson tapes at the bottom of the page in the "Self-Released" section and a new Michael Hurley LP (new new, recorded mostly last year) on Mississippi called Blue Hills, solo guitar, pump organ and electric piano songs, rough around the edges, gentle, heartbreaking stuff.


V/A - Your Colla the Colour of Mounds - aB12
Your Colla the Colour of Mounds comp - $5
Mix of American and Australian favorites from the cassette tape underground. Fans of Night-People will the note the inclusion of Dirty Beaches, Jeans Wilder and Nite Jewel.
Pink Priest - Infant Tape - ab11
Pink Priest - Infant Tape - aB11 - $5
Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn - Teeth - aB10
Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn - Teeth - aB10 - $5

Cloaked Light - Plain Curtain - Arbor
Cloak Light - Plain Curtain - $6
Strange and intriguing piece on the A side that very carefully and simply creates a sonic space unlike anything I've come across. An AM radio sermon is folded onto itself several times so that while one voice is distinct, the others create a low murmur, reverberating and moving in a vast, imagined space. What's striking is the sense of nothingness beyond the activity of these several voices -- reminds me a lot of Beckett's The Lost Ones. Very mysterious.
Gregg Kowalsky - Tape Chants: Early Experiments - Arbor
Gregg Kowalsky - Tape Chants: Early Experiments - $6
Varied and visceral sound pieces that all share the emphasized, tactile mid-range of rough tape recordings. What's best about this stuff is its sense of mystery -- never quite knowing where or when the recordings were made, or what was being recorded. My favorite part is on side B when a high, organ-like tone is paired with a strange buzzing that sounds almost like a fly.
Justin Meyers - The Amplitude of Neighbors - Arbor
Justin Meyers - The Amplitude of Neighbors - $6
Deep, enveloping tone-work of weight and substance. The honey-like richness of Roland's beloved Juno 60 synthesizer tone is augmented with a sine-wave generator and electronics for a very appealing fullness of sound. Side B begins in a similar position to the flip but forgoes its low swells and visceral rumbling in favor of exploring the upper frequency territory of the drone-scape. Incredibly focused and well-executed stuff.


Driphouse - Romanti & Gains - Baked
Driphouse - Romanti and Gains - $6
Two long-form synth jammers. Side A is a head-nodder, riding a muted, loping groove through swells of synthesizer and keyboard figures until running into some very trippy and elastic territory. Tape speeds become vague, fever sets in. Side B is more monumental, probably some of my favorite Driphouse stuff to date. Slow filters, nice tones, epic eyes-on-the-setting-sun vibe, kind of an East coast Brother Raven thing.


Sudden Oak - Causeways of the Sun - Bezoar Formations
Sudden Oak - Causeways of the Sun - $5
Sogol - Miniature Orbits - Bezoar Formations
Sogol - Miniature Orbits - $5
Radiant Husk - Points and Lines - Bezoar Formations
Radiant Husk - Points and Lines - $5

The Polyps - Twenty Colored Circle - Eggy Fifteen
The Polyps - Twenty-colored Circle - Eggy Fifteen - $5
This tape was conceived of as the sister tape to last year's "The Gong Is the Moon" on Night-People, further exploring the use of tape loops, synthesizer and homemade electronics in combination with simple song-form, but incorporating field recordings and a more pronounced audio-collage aesthetic. Three tracks; one ten-minute, side-length piece of '60s leaning pop fragments backed by Idea Fire Company-inspired synth drift, and two on the flip using mellow, electronic warble and some noisy crows.
Street Gnar - Street Gnar EP - Eggy Fourteen
Street Gnar - s/t - Eggy Fourteen - $5
Totally breezy, effortless pop. This is the latest missive from the Void Skateshop crew who are ripping it up in Kentucky, totally on a roll right now. Check out the Jovontaes tape if you haven't yet.
Orca Team - Orca Team EP - Eggy Thirteen
Orca Team - s/t - Eggy Thirteen - $5
Debut tape of reverb-y, surf-y, sock-hop-y tunes from Portland's most stylish trio. Orca Team are emerging as the anchor of Portland's lo-fi pop scene and it looks like they can only go up up up.
The Woolen Men - Sunday EP - Eggy Twelve
The Woolen Men - Sunday - Eggy Number Twelve - $5
5 song missive from the Woolen Men goes from jangle-pop to extended freak-outery to big-melodied anthem keeping it short, sweet and catchy.
Jovontaes - Masks of the Land - Eggy Eleven
Jovontaes - Masks of the Land - Eggy Number Eleven - $5
Kentucky skater-kids discover krautrock, set the fidelity dial to "0" and pour on the sludge. Heavy duty.
Mattress - WFMU Tape - Eggy Ten
Mattress - WFMU Tape - Eggy Number Ten - $5
Stripped down live recordings cherry-picking some of the best from the Mattress catalog, this tape is an essential document of Rex's magnetic stage energy backed by lean and mean drumming. The recording quality is excellent and the immediacy of these versions really compliment their more considered studio equivalents.
Lame Drivers - Launchpad 2 Demoverse - Eggy Nine
Lame Drivers - Demoverse - Eggy Number Nine - $5
After spending many years in East Coast basements honing their pop craft and rotting their brains on too much Gizmos, the Lame Drivers get weird on this tape. Not like stoned and jammy weird but like, hyper-crafted, manic genre-surfing weird. Very catchy despite the over-the-top nature. Lots of palm muting.
The Woolen Men - Pavilion EP - Eggy Seven
The Woolen Men - Pavilion - Eggy Number Seven - $5
Energy, melody, simplicity. Six songs starting down a good path.
Peixe 6
The Polyps - Fennel's Daughter 7" - Eggy Number One - $4

Evan Miller - Ekhein
Evan Miller - Spool/Thread - $7
Made at the same time as the tape for Gel and the four-way Taterbug, Treetops, Abelar Scout split on Young Tapes, I believe, "Thread" and "Spool" and both drone-focused guitar pieces. "Thread" is directly in the mode of the other tapes of this period -- simple, focused and balanced -- while "Spool" is more emotional and less stoic, and rides a slow, ethereal melody. It's a gorgeous piece, very reminiscent of Last Days Last Nights-era Popul Vuh in the way that it's quietly ecstatic.
Rene Hell - Club Speed - Ekhein
Rene Hell - Club Speed - $7
Earn - Center Self - Ekhein
Earn - Center Self - $7
Everyday Lonliness - An Error In Judgement - Ekhein
Everyday Loneliness - An Error In Judgment - $7
Antiquity - Ekhein
Antiquity - Antiquity - $7
1958-2009 III - Ekhein
1958-2009 - III - $7

Odd Clouds - Shamblers - Fag Tapes
Odd Clouds - Shamblers - $6

Sam Gas Can cassingle - Faux Pas Records
Sam Gas Can - Cassingle - $4
Sam Gas Can/Rusty Spoons split - Faux Pas Records
Sam Gas Can/Rusty Spoons - Split - $4


Couchie Poochie - Feeding Tube Records
Couchie Poochie - $4

Evan Miller - Contracting the Eye - GEL06
Evan Miller - Contracting the Eye - GEL06 - $6
51717 - Sch - GEL07
51717 - Sch - GEL07 - $6
V/A - Radio Malaysia Volume One - GEL08
V/A - Radio Malaysia Volume One - GEL08 - $6

Oregon Painting Society - Radiant Dream Face - Gift Tapes
Oregon Painting Society - Radian Dream Face - $6
Plants and square waves.
Zaimph - Gift Tapes
Zaimph - Coast to Coast - $6
Mysterious, grainy, warbly, hiss-laden guitar drone.
Concessionaires - Skyline- Gift Tapes
Concessionaires - Skyline - $6
Hazy synthscapes from Brad Rose of Digitalis/North Sea and Pete Fosco.

Banana Head - In the Tubs - Goaty Tapes
Banana Head - In the Tubs - $7
Woozy, secretly catchy pop songs from Zully Adler, the man behind Goaty Tapes.
El Jesus de Magico - Ragtime Hors - Goaty Tapes
El Jesus de Magico - Ragtime Hors - $6
Scuzzy art rock that locks in and grooves into oblivion.
Street Drinkers - Goaty Tapes
Street Drinkers - $6
Dark, atmospheric, Swedish synth "pop." Nice textures and field recordings.
Truth Syrum - Why We Look At Our Neighbors - Goaty Tapes
Truth Syrum - Why We Look At Our Neighbors - $7
Trudgers - Goaty Tapes
Trudgers - Bedroom's on Fire - $7
HNY - Dead in a Year - Goaty Tapes
HNY - Dead in a Year - $7
Bone Patrol U.S./Varlet Tarsod - Goaty Tapes
Bone Patrol U.S./Varlet Tarsod - split - $7

Mike Khoury/Chris Riggs - My Words Came Out Slow and Odd - HCC 024
Mike Khoury/Chris Rigss - My Words Came Out Slow And Od - HCC024 - $6

Nova Scotian Arms - S/T - $5
Modern Lamps - Astral Qabalah - $5
Motion Sickness of Time Travel/Spiid split - $5
Quiet Evenings - Burning Bridges - $5

DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square - Impose
DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square - $5
Very peppy, energetic indie rock very much in the vein of Les Savy Fav.


Orchestre Regional de Mopti - S/T - Mississippi Records
Orchestre Regional De Mopti - S/T LP - $10
Just take a look at those guys on the cover! I think it says it all -- the three fellas with electric guitars let you know that you're in for some hypnotic, poly-rhythmic, interwoven melody lines, while the traditional garb and pastoral setting let you know that this is no hard-hitting, psych-funk-afro-fusion affair, rather the music of the Mopti people taken a few clicks into the modern world. A wonderful, open, and at it's heart very strange record.
Michael Hurley - Blue Hills - Mississippi Records
Michael Hurley - Blue Hills LP - $10
New recordings from Mr. Hurley, made largely in Astoria during the past year. Six songs in all, solo except for a little violin on the last one. Long, loose, emotional songs, stripped down to the essentials and played slow. Amen. Highlights include a version of "Tea Song," which was originally on Hurley's 1965 debut on Folkways -- one of those songs that just rolls over you like a steamroller, leaving you flat as a pancake -- and a very sweet, wistful new one called "Meara O'Reilly.
Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist - Mississippi Records
Abner Jay - Folk Song Stylist LP - $10
Fanajana - A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagascar - Mississippi Records
V/A - Fanajana: Field Recordings and Photography from Madagascar LP - $10
Uke of Phillips - Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack - Mississippi Records
Uke of Philips - Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack LP - $10
V/A - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore - Mississippi Records
V/A - I Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore LP - $10
V/A - Fight On Your Time Ain't Long - Mississippi Records
V/A - Fight On Your Time Ain't Long LP - $10
Joseph Spence - Good Morning Mr. Walker - Mississippi Records
Joseph Spence - Good Morning, Mr. Walker LP - $10
Rev. Louis Overstreet - An Evening With... - Mississippi Records
Rev. Louis Overstreet - An Evening With... LP - $10

Wild Safari - Cave Sequins - Night-People
Wild Safari - Cave Sequins - $6
Pink Priest - Gulls Diving Into the Ocean - Night-People
Pink Priest - Gulls Diving Into the Ocean - $6
Hochman & Hopkins - Live NYE - NP077
Hochman and Hopkins - Live NYE - NP077 - $6
Sewn Leather - Self-Titled - NP083
Sewn Leather - NP082 - $6
Ryan Garbes - Born Under the Sun - NP089
Ryan Garbes - Born Under the Sun - NP089 - $6
Truth Syrum - The Taker's Mistake - NP069 - $6

Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - Not Not Fun 146
Abe Vigoda - Skeleton - NNF146 - $6

Driphouse - 50/50 - Nu New Age
Driphouse - 50/50 - $6
Probably the best Driphouse release to date, 50/50 breaks from the sprawling, fever-dream synth work of the previous tapes in favor of a clean, composed, sometimes ornate synth sound. There's a lot of space in these cuts, and a regal, unhurried air to the whole thing. Side B starts off with a quietly zonked piece beamed in from medieval outer-space and some weird harpsichord kicks the tape off. Driphouse is definitely on his own trip now and I'm glad I get to listen in.
Caboladies/Oneohtrix Point Never - Split - Nu New Age
Oneohtrix Point Never/Caboladies - split - $6
Jefre Sei Getsu Ledesma - Namu Kie Butsu - Nu New Age
Jefre Sei Getsu Ledesma - Namu Kie Butsu - $6
Rolling waves of abstract texture, like starting into a sea of mercury.

Dim Holys - Is There Heat Rising In Your Neck - OMS-B011 - $7
Beautiful, sleep drones from Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water.

(D)(B)(H) - Not All Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Rare Youth
(D)(B)(H) - Not All Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - $6
Pak - Scented Glove - Rare Youth 29
Pak - Scented Glove - $6


Yek Koo - I Saw Myself - Stunned
Yek Koo - I Saw Myself - $7
Andreas Brandal - Secrets of the Snow - Stunned
Andreas Brandal - Secrets of the Snow - $7
Sudden Oak - Banquet Years - Stunned
Sudden Oak - Banquet Years - $7
Granitkorridor - III - Stunned
Granit Korridor - III - $7
Wether - Here's the Bet - Stunned
Wether - Here's the Bet - $7


Justin Meyers - Permanent Pressure - Tone Filth
Justin Meyers - Permanent Pressure - $7
Scott Goodwin - Referent - Tone Filth
Scott Goodwin - Referent - $7
Helm - Direct Landscapes - Tone Filth
Helm - Direct Landscapes - $7
Chambers - Soon - Tone Filth
Chambers - Soon - $7

Ghost to Falco - $5


Grouper - Wide - Weird Forest/Untitled
Grouper - Wide LP - $15


Taco Leg/Constant Mongrel split - Wuss Tapes
Taco Leg/Constant Mongrel split - $5
Good, clean, dumb fun from Australia. I be would surprised if any of the songs topped either two minutes or three chords, which is to say, this tape rules. Taco Leg got some sort of nod from Terminal Boredom recently, so they're on their way to making millions, no doubt. One of the two bands has a great song about Indiana Jones that gets stuck in my head all the time.


Pete Swanson - Ghost O Clock
Pete Swanson - Ghost O Clock - $6
Surprising new tape from Pete Swanson that totally made my day. Layer upon layer of molten guitar, chugging away while the overtones collide above, but everything anchored by a steady 4/4 throb. Side B really breaks the mold with some excellent, treble-y, sun-scorched riffing beneath the swell of blown out guitar and -- I think -- faraway sing-speaking. This shit is straight up New Zealand 1989. So good.

Pete Swanson - Challenger
Pete Swanson - Challenger - $6
Heavy synth and tape detritus, seething across the stereo field. Very intense, very dense stuff, in constant motion. Pete's modular synth work is great, pushing way beyond the nostalgia-warble and filter-twiddling sound that is du jour. Nice rhythmic stuff a little bit in a Black Dice vein, and the tape-work gives the proceedings a lot of motion and energy. Recording quality is great on this tape, you really get a sense of how deep these pieces go. $6

Sad Horse - Self-Released
SAD HORSE - S/T - Self Released - $3