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(Note: Please make sure you are looking at the most up-to-date listing before placing an order. Thanks!)
(Also note: I try to listen to everything in the catalog but I have been falling behind in actually writing about the titles -- if you are curious about a release, send me an email and I'll give you my honest appraisal.)

Two new tapes and a 10" record from Belgium, and the epic Kleenex/LiLiPUT box from Mississippi Records...

No Basement Deep Enough:
Belgian imprint mining the deepest depths. First release was a Kommisar Hjular and Preggy Peggy split tape, for example.
Club Moral - Instruments Of Attraction II 10" - No Basement Deep Enough
Club Moral - Instruments Of Attraction II 10"- $15
Gerard Hermann - I read somewhere it is not a fable after all - No Basement Deep Enough
Gerard Herman - I read somewhere it is not a fable after all - $10

Male Bonding:
Offshoot label from No Basement
Colorguard/Ashley Paul - Split CS - Male Bonding
Colorgaurd/Ashley Paul - Split CS - $9

Mississippi Records
Kleenex/LiLiPUT - 1977-1983 4xLP - Mississippi Records
Kleenex/LiLiPUT - 1977-1983 4xLP - $45

Cloudland Ballroom - Illusion Circles - Aguirre Records
Cloudland Ballroom - Illusion Circles - $8
Caboladies - Live Anywhere LP - Aguirre
Caboladies - Live Anywhere LP - $20
Brother Raven - Diving Into The Pineapple Portal - Aguirre
Brother Raven - Diving Into The Pineapple Portal LP - $20

Pissypaw/Weirding Module - split - $6
Silk Ears - CDR - $6
Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn - Teeth - aB10
Oscar Vicente Slorach-Thorn - Teeth - aB10 - $5

Justin Meyers - The Amplitude of Neighbors - Arbor
Justin Meyers - The Amplitude of Neighbors - $6
Deep, enveloping tone-work of weight and substance. The honey-like richness of Roland's beloved Juno 60 synthesizer tone is augmented with a sine-wave generator and electronics for a very appealing fullness of sound. Side B begins in a similar position to the flip but forgoes its low swells and visceral rumbling in favor of exploring the upper frequency territory of the drone-scape. Incredibly focused and well-executed stuff.

NASA - High Cube - $7

Sogol - Miniature Orbits - Bezoar Formations
Sogol - Miniature Orbits - $5
Radiant Husk - Points and Lines - Bezoar Formations
Radiant Husk - Points and Lines - $5

Circuit Des Yeux - Ode To Fidelity 7" - $5
Ok, I'm not super knowledgeable about Circuit Des Yeux -- she's a one-woman destroyer of sound, issuing mangled fragments of audio that somehow register as both song and noise collage. This record finds her in a mellower(from what I've heard) mode, still incredibly damaged. Honestly, this stuff works a little bit better in longer stretches than what fits on one side of a 45 but a nice record none-the-less.
Ed Askew - Here We Are Together Again/Yellow Dollars 7" - $5
Neither do I know much about Ed Askew. This is a pair of radio recordings from 1969, although they sound like they were beamed in from a parallel universe. On one hand, this is unmistakably folk music from the 60's, on the other Askew's strange voice can send shivers up the spine and he plays an unusual, many stringed instrument that shimmers away in the background just beyond registering as something familiar. The A-side is really where it's at, a long, beautiful track heavy with longing and otherworldly imagery. The B-side is a very 1960s political folk-rant -- not my style exactly but Askew's strong, unique lyrical voice shines through even when the overall message falls a little flat.

Tad - Path to the Dutchie - DNT
Tad - Path to Dutchie - $6
Pod Blotz - Snowstorm of Electricity - DNT
Pod Blotz - Snowstorm of Electricity - $6
Plankton Wat - Dawn of the Golden Eternity/Alchemy of Darkness - DNT
Plankton Wat - Alchemy of Darkness/Dawn of the Golden Eternity - $6
Caboladies - s/t LP - DNT
Caboladies - s/t LP - $11
Family Underground - Demon Parade LP - DNT
Family Underground - Demon Parade LP - $11
Sean McCann - Chances Are Staying LP - DNT
Sean McCann - Chances Are Staying LP - $11
Plankton Wat - Dawn of the Golden Eternity LP - DNT
Plankton Wat - Dawn of the Golden Eternity LP - $11

Concern - Truth and Distance LP - Digitalis
Concern - Truth and Distance LP - $15
Extarodinary drone record, made from layer upon layer of acoustic instrumentation, way way deeper, lusher than 95% of the synth stuff out there.

Marnie Stern - Demos - Dog Daze
Marnie Stern - Demos - $7
Excepter - Maze of Death - Dog Daze
Excepter - Maze of Death - $7

J. Hanson - New Ruined Maps - Draft Tapes
J. Hanson - Draft Tapes - $7
Joel Bindefalk - A Rough Patch - Draft Tapes
Joel Brindefalk - Draft Tapes - $7
Atlantic Triangular Trade - Velvet Satellite - Draft Tapes
Atlantic Triangular Trade - Draft Tapes - $7
A. Diller - Still Life - $7
Frak - Tournament City/Dry Vanadis - $7

Pak - Box
Pak - Box - $6
Lab Coast - Pictures On the Wall
Lab Coast - Pictures On The Wall - $6
Tracey Trance - Learning To Your Stuff
Tracey Trance - Learning To Your Stuff - $6
Trace Figures - No Escape/Lucidity
Trace Figures - No Escape/Lucidity - $6
Toning - Drained Brains - Eggy 24
Toning - Drained Brains - $6
Ghost To Falco - Hold Back the Dark/Social Trail
Ghost to Falco - Two EPs - $6
Nodolby - s/t - Eggy 17
Nodolby - s/t - $6
The Woolen Men - Sunday EP - Eggy Twelve
The Woolen Men - Sunday - Eggy Number Twelve - $6
5 song missive from the Woolen Men goes from jangle-pop to extended freak-outery to big-melodied anthem keeping it short, sweet and catchy.
Lame Drivers - Launchpad 2 Demoverse - Eggy Nine
Lame Drivers - Demoverse - Eggy Number Nine - $
After spending many years in East Coast basements honing their pop craft and rotting their brains on too much Gizmos, the Lame Drivers get weird on this tape. Not like stoned and jammy weird but like, hyper-crafted, manic genre-surfing weird. Very catchy despite the over-the-top nature. Lots of palm muting.
Peixe 6
The Polyps - Fennel's Daughter 7" - Eggy Number One - $4

Earn - Performance CS - $7
KFW - Regaining Composure/Negating Freedom CS - $7
Sean McCann - S/T CS - $7
Greg Davis - Schumann Resonances - $7
Earn - Lacewing - $7
Driphouse - Airlocks and Pallet Jacks - $7
The Compass Rose - The Plough Horse - $7
M. Geddes Gengras - Enduring Doubt - $7
Josh Burke - Adapt - $7
Pale Blue Sky - Apricot - $7
Evan Miller - Ekhein
Evan Miller - Spool/Thread - $7
Made at the same time as the tape for Gel and the four-way Taterbug, Treetops, Abelar Scout split on Young Tapes, I believe, "Thread" and "Spool" and both drone-focused guitar pieces. "Thread" is directly in the mode of the other tapes of this period -- simple, focused and balanced -- while "Spool" is more emotional and less stoic, and rides a slow, ethereal melody. It's a gorgeous piece, very reminiscent of Last Days Last Nights-era Popul Vuh in the way that it's quietly ecstatic.

Tracey Trance/Shep and Me - split CS -  Faux Pas
Tracey Trance/Shep and Me - split CS - $6
DBH/Tiny Music - split CS - Faux  Pas
Tiny Music/(d)(h)(b) - split CS $6
Weirding Module - Sewer System CS - Fraux  Pas
Weirding Module - Sewer System - $6
Justin Rhody/Sam Gas Can - Split  7" - Faux Pas (Justin side)
Justin Rhody/Sam Gas Can - Split  7" - Faux Pas (Sam side)
Sam Gas Can/Justin Clifford Rhody - split 7" - $6
Sord - Endless Muselike Vision - Faux Pas 012
Sord - Endless Muselike Vision - $5
Sam Gas Can/Rusty Spoons split - Faux Pas Records
Sam Gas Can/Rusty Spoons - Split - $4

Happy Jawbone Family Band - Hotel Double Tragedy LP and CD - Feeding Tube
Happy Jawbone Family Band - Hotel Double Tragedy LP and CD - $13
Couchie Poochie - Feeding Tube Records
Couchie Poochie - $4

Evan Miller - Contracting the Eye - GEL06
Evan Miller - Contracting the Eye - GEL06 - $6
51717 - Sch - GEL07
51717 - Sch - GEL07 - $6
V/A - Radio Malaysia Volume One - GEL08
V/A - Radio Malaysia Volume One - GEL08 - $6

Million Mists - Original Motion - Gift Tapes
Million Mists - Original Motion - $7
Spare Death Icon - Survival - Gift Tapes
Spare Death Icon - Survival - $7
Matt Carlson - Gecko Dream Levels - Gift Tapes
Matt Carlson - Gecko Dream Levels - $7
Mi Or and the Pedestals - Eos - Gift Tapes
Mi Or and the Pedestals - Eos - $7
Nathan McLaughlin - Echolocation 3 - Gift Tapes
Nathan McLaughlin - $7
Oregon Painting Society - Radiant Dream Face - Gift Tapes
Oregon Painting Society - Radian Dream Face - $6
Plants and square waves.

The Woolen Men - The Portland Building - Gnar Tapes
The Woolen Men - Portland Building - $7

Banana Head/Rosemary Krust - split - $6
Silk Ears - Bed Room Water - $6
Baronic Wall - Traditional Appearance $6
Smegma/Komissar Hjular and Mama Baer - split - $7
Bone Patrol U.S./Varlet Tarsod - Goaty Tapes
Bone Patrol U.S./Varlet Tarsod - split - $7

Pete Fosco - Negative Mind - Holy Cheever Church
Pete Fosco - Negative Mind - $6
Chris Dadge - What Comes After Dust - Holy Cheever Church
Chris Dadge - What Comes After Dust - $6
Gino Robair - NoiseBox - Holy Cheever Church
Gino Robair - NoiseBox - $6

Mike Khoury/Chris Riggs - My Words Came Out Slow and Odd - HCC 024
Mike Khoury/Chris Rigss - My Words Came Out Slow And Od - HCC024 - $6

Misner Space - Bent Reality CS - $8
The Away Team/Panabrite - split CDR - $9
Brian Lavelle - Two Ostensions - $7

Mirror to Mirror - The Door With a Lock - Jugular Forest
Mirror To Mirror - The Door With A Lock - $7
Earn - In a Year - Jugular Forest
Earn - In A Year - $7

Cloaked Light - Drapery
Cloaked Light - Drapery - $7

Harpoon Pole Vault - Outside This Area - Jugular Forest
Harpoon Pole Vault - Outside This Area - $7
Pale Blue Sky - Souvenir - Jugular Forest
Pale Blue Sky - Souvenir - $7

Adventurous listening from this wide-ranging Belgian imprint, cannot recommend the Bridget Hayden LP enough, totally blasted, totally beautiful.
Ignatz - Selected Songs From Tapes LP -  Kraak
Ignatz - Selected Songs From Cassettes 2005-2009 LP - $15
Bridget Hayden - A Siren Blares In An  Indifferent Ocean LP - KRAAK
Bridget Hayden - An Indifferent Ocean LP - $15
Limpe Fuchs & Gerard Hermann -  Ghent, October 2010 - Kraak
Limpe Fuchs and Gerard Herman - Live At Tweekland CS - $8
Koln - All I See Is Light -  Kraak
Koehn - All I See Is Light CS - $8


DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square - Impose
DD/MM/YYYY - Black Square - $5
Very peppy, energetic indie rock very much in the vein of Les Savy Fav.

Shearing Pinx - White Tiger Prepade - $6
LA Lungs - No 213 - $6

V/A - In The Storm So Long LP - Mississippi Records
V/A - In The Storm So Long LP - $10
1960s and 70s DIY gospel and electric gospel from Georgia -- raw, reverby and lo-fi. All in all a solid collection with a couple of total stunners.
Marisa Anderson - The Golden Hour LP - Mississippi Records
Marisa Anderson - The Golden Hour LP - $10
Solo guitar work from Evolutionary Jass Band guitarist Marisa Anderson. Mississippi rarely makes forays into "contemporary" music but it's almost always with good reason(see also: the Sad Horse 7", Michael Hurley's new LP, Uke of Philips). Meditative and blown out, this is a very simple record that defies easy categorization -- improvised, without overdubs, and clearly influenced by early blues and Takoma Records style playing, the balance is however very much tipped to the side of feeling and emotion over virtuosity. Which isn't to say the playing here isn't stunning, but to say that it's stunning on it's own terms, which is as it should be.
Chalk Circle - Reflection LP - Mississippi Records
Chalk Circle - Reflection LP - $11
First proper collection of recordings by this short-lived DC punk group whose best material deserves to be mentioned in the same breath as the Neo Boys or the Petticoats.
Abner Jay - The True Story of Abner Jay LP - $10
Really glad to have this in stock along with the above record. This is the first collection of Abner Jay's music that Mississippi issued. Eric who runs Mississippi said that this was the record he was most proud to have released and I can attest to having listened to this LP again and again and again. If you've never heard Abner Jay, this record is the place to start. His is probably one of the greatest voices ever put to tape -- strong, vulnerable, hilarious and unbearably sad, all at once. Comes with facsimiles of some of his promotional pamphlets and fliers, all very funny, and a snapshot(same as one of the ones in the 10", different than in the first run of this LP).
V/A - Ishilan N-Tenere: Guitar Music From the Western Sahel LP - $12
Beautiful record of acoustic guitar based music from Africa. No crate digging here, this LP is made up of field recordings of contemporary groups, although you couldn't be blamed for thinking it was culled from records from the 60's or 70's(as I did when I heard it playing in a record store). Mellow, open, rhythmic. The Western Sahel refers to one side the stretch of land extending from one African coast to the other where the Sahara transitions into non-desert climate. This Western region is where Ali Farka Toure and Tinariwen come from, and I think the later group is probably the easiest reference point for the music on this LP, in terms of focusing on repetitive, interlocking, mid-tempo guitar lines. These recordings are completely unadorned by studio slickness, though. Not much else to say about this record, really -- it's great from start to finish, I listen to it all the time.
Michael Hurley - Armchair Boogie - Mississippi Records
Michael Hurley - Armchair Boogie LP - $10
A classic!
Michael Hurley - Blue Hills - Mississippi Records
Michael Hurley - Blue Hills LP - $10
New recordings from Mr. Hurley, made largely in Astoria during the past year. Six songs in all, solo except for a little violin on the last one. Long, loose, emotional songs, stripped down to the essentials and played slow. Amen. Highlights include a version of "Tea Song," which was originally on Hurley's 1965 debut on Folkways -- one of those songs that just rolls over you like a steamroller, leaving you flat as a pancake -- and a very sweet, wistful new one called "Meara O'Reilly.
Fanajana - A Collection of Recordings and Photography from Madagascar - Mississippi Records
V/A - Fanajana: Field Recordings and Photography from Madagascar LP - $10
Uke of Phillips - Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack - Mississippi Records
Uke of Philips - Peppermint Birdhouse Tea Shanty Shack LP - $10

Deeds - Much of the Nuance Is Lost - $6

Terror Bird - Human Culture LP - Night-People
Terror Bird - Human Culture LP - $13
Dan Melchior und das Menace - $6
White Woods - $6
We Shave - $6
Coppertone - $6
Charcoal Owls - $6
Meercaz - $6
Factums - $6
Yves/Son/Ace - $6
Circuit Des Yuex - $6
Horse Bladder - $6
Body - $6
Wet Hair/Naked On The Vague - Split LP - Night-People
Wet Hair/Naked on the Vague - split LP - $13
Peaking Lights - Space Primitive 12" - Night-People
Peaking Lights - Space Primitives one-sided LP - $13
Dunebuggy - Live: White Paint/High Jinx and the Perfume Tuxedo - Night People
Dunebuggy - "Live: White Paint/High Jinx and the Perfume Tuxedo" C20 - $6

Hochman & Hopkins - Live NYE - NP077
Hochman and Hopkins - Live NYE - NP077 - $6
Sewn Leather - Self-Titled - NP083
Sewn Leather - NP082 - $6

Clearing - Keepsake - No  Kings
Clearing - Keepsake CS - $6
Stephen Molyneux - Field Recordings From  Cambodia - No Kings
Stephen Molyneux - Cambodian Field Recordings CS - $6

Dim Holys - Is There Heat Rising In Your Neck - OMS-B011 - $7
Beautiful, sleep drones from Brian Mumford of Dragging an Ox Through Water.

Nu New Age:
Ryan Garbes - NNA
Ryan Garbes - Curved in Luxury/Carved in Air - $6
Three Legged Race - NNA
Three Legged Race - Raining Order - $6
Synaptic Foliage - NNA
Synaptic Foliage - Holding Hands - $6
Driphouse - 50/50 - $6 (restock)
Caboladies/Oneohtrix Point Never - split - $6 (restock)

Prarie Fire:
Pink Priest/Horders - split - $6
MSSNG/Greenhouse - split - $6
Gremlynz/Ajilvsga split - Prairie Fire
Gremlynz/Ajilvsga - split - $6

(D)(B)(H) - Not All Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - Rare Youth
(D)(B)(H) - Not All Girls Just Wanna Have Fun - $6

Pulse Emitter - $4
Evil Moisture - $4
Nautical Almanac - $4
Wolf Eyes - $4
John Wiese - $4
Kites - $4

Ancestral Diet - V.I.T.R.I.O.L. - $12
Dark, gritty TG-style industrial music from Clare Hubbard of Caethua. At first listen, seems to bear no resemblance to her folk/drone music but as the melodies reveal themselves, it is undoubtedly the work of her hand.

Reveille - Stumparumper Records
Reveille - s/t - $5
French indie-pop.

Granitkorridor - III - Stunned
Granit Korridor - III - $7

Justin Meyers - Permanent Pressure - Tone Filth
Justin Meyers - Permanent Pressure - $7
Scott Goodwin - Referent - Tone Filth
Scott Goodwin - Referent - $7
Sparse, abstract electronics from Scott Goodwin of the mighty Operative, used to do Bonus.
Chambers - Soon - Tone Filth
Chambers - Soon - $7


Expressway Yo-Yo Dieting - Bubblethug LP - Weird Forest
DJ Yo-Yo Dieting - Bubblethug LPx2 - $22
Very deep, very weird cough syrup hip-hop from Glamorous Pat (Indignant Senility, Diamond Catalog). Like no other record I own. The beats wobble in and out like a fever dream, but ultimately a totally ENJOYABLE listen, like not some weird, trying, intellectual thing.
Love Cry Want - s/t LP - Weird Forest
Love Cry Want LPx2 - $22
Extraordinary double LP of otherworldly "jazz" incorporating early 70s DIY electronics. From wild skronk to blissful, shimmering stasis. Absolutely classic.

The Slaves - Ruins - Wiseblood Media
The Slaves - Ruins - $6


Taco Leg/Constant Mongrel split - Wuss Tapes
Taco Leg/Constant Mongrel split - $5
Good, clean, dumb fun from Australia. I be would surprised if any of the songs topped either two minutes or three chords, which is to say, this tape rules. Taco Leg got some sort of nod from Terminal Boredom recently, so they're on their way to making millions, no doubt. One of the two bands has a great song about Indiana Jones that gets stuck in my head all the time.

Yaizekletka Records
Lau Nau - Nukkuu - $8
Cahier - Vocales - $7

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